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DuttonWeb is Nuneaton's premier Computer, Internet and Website Services Supplier.

Our business consists of three divisions; Website Design, Internet Marketing and IT Support. Each division is ran by fantasterastic consultants that are highly-trained to provide you with friendly and dependable expertise at an affordable price - and they all have a real passion for their areas of specialisation, so you know your in safe hands.

We thought long and hard about the way we wanted to run our company and decided on three core values that would direct every aspect of our business. We christened it the PAH! Principle.

PAH! stands for:

PASSION: We love the work we do and we only recruit staff that are equally passionate. If we ever lose the intense desire to do what we do, we'll stop doing it. This also affects the work we take on; if we can't get excited about your project, then we'll advise you that we are probably not the right people to be doing it.

AWESOMENESS: We always compete to be the best and are always looking for ways to improve every aspect of our clients and our own businesses. We take great pride in the work we do and always aim to exceed the expectations of our clients, staff and partners.

HONESTY: We believe that honesty is always the best policy. Unlike some unscrupulous companies, we won't charge you half a days work for a 30 minute job and we will never make promises that we don't believe we can deliver. And we're pretty crap liars, anyway.

So, now you know a little about our business and the way we like to do things. Have a look-see around our website and if you think you'd like us to work with you (or even if you don't) we'd love to hear from you so send us an email.

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